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New World Telecom delivers superior voice and data services to the Asia Pacific region and the world beyond, giving you high-speed, reliable, secure connections.

You can build and grow successful relationships with our expanding network, fired by the latest technology to fuel the ever-growing demand for multimedia services.

But there’s nothing like the spoken word for personal contact. Our International Calling Service gives you the highest quality connections, guaranteed hassle-free, without interruption.

Do you need to make international calls anytime, anywhere in the world? Take advantage of New World Telecom’s postpaid International Calling Card.

The HomeConnect landline underpins our local service. But when you’re out and about, try our prepaid Talk Talk Card, or the Call "N" Save Card, or play the China Card.

For businesses - large and small – we offer a totally integrated telephone system called Centrex. It’s easy to add extra capacity and features, so the system can keep pace with your expanding business.

New World Telecom is also ahead of the field with the all latest Internet technology for both business and residential customers.

Use our private IP backbone for crucial e-business applications like shared intranets, extranets, data centers and e-commerce websites. For digital transmission of data, voice or video, NWT has a dedicated international leased line service.

Or for a permanent link between the different parts of your business empire, choose our dedicated digital communication line.

From our iData Center we offer secure 24-hour monitoring, maintenance support, and an unrivalled one-stop customer service. We can design your system, supply and install the equipment and software, maintain it, and train your staff to use it.

With always-on, high-speed internet access, NWT’s broadband service is great for business and residential customers alike. And when you travel, try our Wireless LAN, which gives you easy internet access any time, anywhere, without interruptions.

The timely delivery of information is the key to success in today’s changing world. New World Telecom’s commitment to quality, combined with our highly-skilled workforce, has made us a leading provider of the very best in customized telecom services.

But the most important factor in our success is our focus on your satisfaction, and our determination to give you the best possible consulting and technical support around the clock. Your communication is our priority.

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John Clutterbuck, DipCW