Internal Newsletter Concept example

Hennessy Supermarkets.

Intended readers: the 1400 staff.
Brief required initial concept, title, format, types of articles & items.
Plus layout of first issue, and text of lead article about new hypermarket.

Hennessy Newsletter

Title: Talking Shop. (Published by the Hennessy Trading Group.)

Issue No1. Monthly.

Format: A4, four pages. Two colours, plain paper.

Expandable to 8 pages in the future - if enough good feedback obtained - with editorials, readers’ articles, humorous items, interviews, competitions.

General schedule:

P.1 (front cover)

Biggest company developments during the month. (With plenty of graphics.)

Box - Statement of Purpose. Editor’s contact details.

Box – Contents summary.

P.2 Staff advancement & training. Promotions. Company policy affecting staff.

P.3 Shopping Trends. Customer feed-back. New products/ product choice.

P.4 (back cover). Staff vacancies. Awards. Letters. (Quiz)

First Issue:

Page 1

Box. Short ‘welcome’ article by the editor to mark the first issue. Statement of purpose– to tell staff what’s going on in the wider company. Thumbnail photo of editor at her computer.

Box. "In this issue" – contents summary.

Article 1.1 "New Hypermarket – new future" by New Projects Director Ms xxx:

(Quarter-page photo: foreground - checkout girl serving smiling customer; background - customers thronging the new store.)

Basildon hypermarket opened up a new era for Hennessy on April 1st. It’s a brand new store with an old philosophy – Big is Beautiful!

"We’ve made a massive investment in our company’s future with this fantastic new giant. It’s twice the size of our next largest store, with twice the staff. This is really going to make Hennessy the one to beat!" says our Managing Director xxx.

Five thousand customers surged through the doors in the first two days, and sales were fantastic. What most people remarked on particularly was the huge range of international products, especially in the food department. That’s what the people of Essex want, and that’s what we’re giving them!

"It’s going to be a marvellous place to work. All the facilities are really high-tech, and there’s a tremendous buzz about the place. I’m really thrilled to have bagged a job here" said xxx, one of the new supervisors. (Thumbnail photo)

We hope that this will just be the first of many Hennessy Hypermarkets across the country. The company is actively discussing plans to expand three other key supermarket sites in the next three years. This will be good for business and good for our staff. The benefits of larger-scale operations for staff include better working conditions, more opportunities and – with greater productivity - higher take-home pay.

Come on over to Basildon and take a look – but don’t forget to bring your Staff Discount Card!

Signed by the author.

Box: Hypermarket statistics: 35,000 sq ft floor space, 1000+ car parking spaces, children’s play area, café, etc.

Narrow bottom panel - wide-lens view of the hypermarket, from car-park.

Page 2

2.1 How manager X achieved promotion. Double pyramid case study of a newly-promoted store manager. Thumbnail photo of X ‘managing’.

Staff training programmes update. Relate good training to better prospects for promotion. Dates of national sessions. Photo of fun training activity in progress.

"Productivity Bonuses – How do they work? Graph of production vs bonuses at different levels.

Page 3

3.1 "Are we going in the right direction?" Article by Food Sales Director. Discussion of supplying local produce vs imports, saying in effect "we supply exactly what our customers want". Future trends in the market. Picture of cheese counter with local and foreign marked cheeses side by side.

3.2 Results of a mystery shopping survey. Good points praised. Negative points discussed, in relation to training improvements. Pie chart of results.

3.3 Lamprey Steaks- a new product for the wet fish counter.

Discussion of nutritional value of lamprey, and its cheapness.

Photo: plate of fried lamprey and chips.

Box – new staff discounts on wide-screen TV’s . Photo of TV.

Page 4

Box: Summarising current staff vacancies by location and grade.

Contact details for HR Dept.

Box: ‘Employee of the month’ awards: Names, categories and locations. Note explaining value of award, and its importance.

Readers’ letters. Call for contributions from staff. Eg - "What do you think of this newsletter?" Product voucher offered for ‘letter of the month’.

Box: Problems in the workplace. "Is there anyone I can turn to for independent advice?" Don’t forget the Hennessy Helpline - freephone 0800 0000.

Quiz – hidden words. (Simple to make up, and fairly simple to do. Can be themed, eg. store products.) Product voucher prize.

(This could be moved to fit any space elsewhere if necessary)


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John Clutterbuck, DipCW

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