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"Now You Too Can Learn ‘The Midas Touch’ - The Secret Of Making People Want To Give You Their Money !"

"Revealed - the amazing wealth-making secrets of an info-product millionaire. How one man makes an absolute fortune from his own ideas with these simple techniques."

Five hundred people paid $695 each to hear Robert Allen explain precisely how he makes millions every year, creating and selling information products.

Would you like to see the exact same tutorial from your own sofa without risking a penny?

(and get to keep three fantastic bonus gifts!)




"If you’re really serious about being an information entrepreneur, this may be the best chance you’ll ever have."

In case you don’t recognise the name, Robert Allen is the multi-millionaire US author of Nothing Down, the top-selling guide to property investment. He’s a successful financial consultant, but reckons he’s made a hundred times more from selling info-products than from his investments.

In fact he’s made upwards of a quarter of a billion dollars.

(That’s about one hundred and forty million pounds)

In this private meeting, he revealed exactly how he did it, and - far more important - how absolutely anyone else can copy his methods.

Now I can exclusively offer you the chance to see a recording of this one-off coaching session, and profit from all the special techniques Robert has used in his 20-year career as an information entrepreneur par excellence.



"Information Products Are Hot!"

As you know very well, there’s an insatiable demand for info-products. Almost 90% of internet surfers are looking for information, information, information above all else. And anyone who can satisfy that demand is assured of a very comfortable lifestyle indeed.

It really is possible to make a substantial amount of money by creating and selling your own high-demand info-products.

Enough money to escape the daily grind, and live life to the full.

No need to be a genius. No need even to be a good writer or a good communicator. When you produce information other people desperately want, you can write your own salary cheque.

With a good idea and a good marketing plan, your future is secure.

And imagine the prestige you’ll gain from being the producer of your own e-books, reports, courses, tapes or CDs!

The beauty of this business is that:

  • starting costs are minimal;
  • you can run it on auto-pilot 24/7;
  • profits can be outrageous;
  • and you’re making people happy into the bargain!

This has to be one of the very best ways to earn an excellent living, online or off.

And of course, selling your own product is just for starters. Imagine how much more you can earn by licensing your product for others to sell. We’re talking really big money now…



"It’s easier than you think to create your own products."

But why not just market someone else’s product yourself? Something that’s already packaged and ready for resale. Wouldn’t it save an awful lot of time and effort?

Fine. Go ahead, if all you want is pin-money. But the stark truth is that developing and selling your own products is much, much more profitable. All the super-successful people like Robert Allen make their own products, and control their own destiny.

"It’s the developer of the info-products who makes the big bucks."

And you can do it. In fact you’ve probably got most of what you need in your mind already. All you need is the proper tools to get started – a push in the right direction.

Robert Allen’s powerful product generating and marketing techniques have ploughed millions of dollars into his bank account, and they can do the same for you.

The video tapes I’m going to tell you about will open your eyes to an incredibly effective system for developing products that press the right buttons every time.

At this point you’re probably rather sceptical; and no wonder. I felt exactly the same when I first heard about these tapes. It was back in March, on a trip to see my old school friend Tim in the States…

But first, I’d better introduce myself…



"How an Average Joe hit the jackpot!"


My name’s Paul Simpson, and I live in Heckington, Lincolnshire.

Tim and I kept in touch after we left school. But we’ve led completely different lives. He was – is – a bit of a Del Boy, always hankering after the bright lights and the fast buck. It was no surprise when he upped-sticks and left boring old Lincolnshire for a life in the States.

I opted for a more conventional life: left school at sixteen, got a job in a local factory and worked my way up the ladder. After all, friends and family are more important than a flashy lifestyle, I told myself.

But a couple of years ago I started feeling like an underachiever. Don’t get me wrong; I had a fairly good job, and the pay was reasonable – for Linconshire.

I just started thinking "Is that it?" "Why shouldn’t I be able to make enough money to do what I want with my life?" That’s when I began answering adverts for business opportunities – things I could run from home part-time.

There’s no need to bore you with the whole sorry story – it’s common enough, I’m sure. Let’s just say I got a bit over-enthusiastic, and bought into more bizops than I should have done.

And they all, without exception, ended up in that file marked "If Only". If only… I had the contacts, the brass neck, the people skills, the sheer confidence… I’d have been able to do this business.

And that’s why I was so sceptical when Tim wanted to show me this video he’d got his hands on...



My "Eureka" moment!

It was the first time we’d met since our school days, and he looked more prosperous than I felt, that’s for sure. Said he was doing very well for himself, and why didn’t I try the same sort of thing?

Then he went on about this video he had; said he’d followed it to the letter when starting up his own business, and I could do the same, if I really wanted to make my fortune. It was dynamite, blah blah blah.

To be honest, I thought he was trying to hook me into some cheap, nasty multi-level scheme. So I told him I wasn’t interested. He insisted he wasn’t trying to sell me anything, and that I should really take a look.

So I finally gave in. And as soon as I’d seen it I knew everything he’d been telling me was absolutely true. This really was incredibly valuable stuff!

Sure, the tape wasn’t very recent, the speaker was a typical brash American type, and some of the screen shots were none too clear - but I was hooked from the start.

It was a tribute to the power of the speaker’s message that when he asked at the end "How many here think you’ll use this information to make lots of money?" it looked as though every single hand shot up!

There was a 40-page workbook to go with the video, and I spent so long going through it and re-winding the tape again and again that Tim gave up and left me to it. I think he went to bed in the end.

In the morning, I knew what I had to do – somehow I had to get the rights to market this amazing video back in the UK. And to cut a long story (and my holiday) short, that’s exactly what I did.

And it turned out that changing formats wasn’t such a big deal anyway. I’ve just finished getting it done - and now I can proudly offer the very same video (and the work-book) to all my customers in the UK!



"This tape is your catalyst for success."

What makes this tape so compelling that I was desperate to market it?

In just ninety minutes, in a straightforward, practical way, Robert Allen brilliantly bridges the credibility gap – that gulf between his world and ours. He walks you through the exact steps he followed to create his massive-selling info-products.

In the video and the work-book he explains the precise marketing strategies he has developed over the years – strategies you can copy - to create a fortune. Some of his references are a bit dated, but the message is as fresh as if he’d said it this morning.

Armed with this vital ammunition, you’ll be able to hit the bullseye every time. You’ll know exactly how to:-

  • choose the right info-business for you.

  • catch the right trend at the right time.
  • create a million-selling information product.

  • find thousands of customers, and keep them wanting your products.
  • turn every tyre-kicker into an eager customer.
  • become a person people choose to buy from.

  • develop a fortune-making relationship with your database.

And you’ll know all about:-

  • the three basic elements of a profitable information empire.

  • the three essential skills of an entrepreneur.
  • The twelve benefits of selling information.
  • The concept of the "five rings of riches" (very powerful!).

  • What an "info-funnel" is, and how it will make you a lot of money.

  • The ten steps to creating a successful business.

And it doesn’t stop there. In the work-book he also sets out a 12-step action plan you can follow to get started. Believe me, this stuff is the real McCoy!

Just imagine how you’d feel if you could achieve even a quarter of Robert Allen’s income – that’s something like a million pounds a year! After studying this video and work-book, your dreams could become reality.

But that’s not all…

To help you decide, I’m going to offer you some powerful incentives! Not one, not two, but -

Three Free Bonus Gifts!

Gifts that are yours to keep even if - after viewing this video - you decide not to follow the Robert Allen guidelines to a new life of financial security.



Free Bonus Gift No.1

At this point, you may be thinking-

"If Robert Allen’s advice is so good, why aren’t you following it yourself?"

Fair question; and the answer is – I’m doing exactly that. And you can benefit from one of my very first products – for free! As a little incentive, I’ve arranged for you to receive, absolutely without charge, a copy of my fully-functional e-book, that I’m eventually planning to sell:-

"How to start making money with your own information business."

This is an exclusive collection of a year’s worth of weekly tips about the information-selling business, covering:

  • How to get started
  • What to sell, and
  • How to sell it.

This ebook neatly supplements the special techniques revealed by Robert Allen, giving you tips and tricks about:

  • The #1 type of product guaranteed to make you wealthy.
  • How to run your business on autopilot and earn money 24/7.
  • How to turn every customer into a repeat cash machine.
  • How to have people queuing up to sell your products for you.
  • Plus loads and loads of other crucial info-marketing hints.

I think you’ll be really impressed with this ebook of mine – I certainly am, anyway!



Free Bonus Gift No.2

What’s the first thing you’ll need to get your info-product business started?

- a website.

Not just any old site, but one that’s entirely focused on:

  • attracting and keeping customers,
  • selling and delivering your product,
  • automating the whole process, and
  • doing it all effortlessly.

To give you the best possible start, here’s the best possible product for you, at the best possible price – FREE!

"The Ultimate Instant Website Generator."

It’s a program developed by one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs of all time, Bill Myers. With it you can instantly:-

  • create great sales pages,
  • optimise search engine ranking,
  • set up ordering links for your customers,
  • create a thank-you page,
  • and set up an automatic product delivery system.

All for free!

To save time, take a look at this website page selling the self-same product for $34.95: (Close the window to return here)

But whatever you do, don’t buy this amazing product from them - remember you can get it here for nothing!



Free Bonus Gift No.3

What many people lack at first is the sheer confidence that a business will work for them. And the only sure way to gain that confidence is through an early success – achieved without the worry of a huge outlay.

"Success breeds confidence."

That’s why I want to offer you one last gift – the gift of early success.

In a special short report, I’m going to tell you a ‘secret’. Only it’s not a secret at all - just the most overlooked (and underused) internet marketing strategy you’ll ever come across!

My report explains how you can get your show on the road at minimum cost, with the potential to make upwards of £1500 in your first week. I’ll tell you how to start with a simple one-page mini-site, and where to advertise it for maximum effect and minimal cost.

What’s the value of this free gift? You tell me!

No, I mean it!! Once you’ve had the chance to this special report to good use, send me an email and tell me exactly what value you put on it. I’ll be thrilled to get the feedback.



"Now, the nitty gritty. How much?"

Well, I certainly don’t expect you to fork out anywhere near as much as those who attended the original seminar, though you may think the material is worth far more than that.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by making spurious price cuts. What you will pay for this virtually priceless video and 40-page workbook, (with the three superb free gifts thrown in) is just:-


But as I said at the start, I don’t want you to risk a penny: in fact…



"You have absolutely nothing to lose!"

(And an awful lot to gain.)

As I said at the start, I want you to view this video completely risk-free. I’m so confident of its value that I insist on offering you a full ninety days guarantee. This means that if for any reason it doesn’t come up to your expectations, just return it(and the workbook) in good condition within three months for a full, no quibble, 100% refund of all your money.

And of course you can keep the three handsome free bonus gifts as a thank-you for the effort. These gifts alone are worth more than you’ll be paying!

You can order by phone, fax or email, using a credit card. Or you can post a personal cheque. Whichever way you choose, you can be sure that your £49.95 is the best money you’ll spend this side of a winning lottery ticket.

Click on the button below to visit my secure order page, and then just fill in the blanks. It’s as easy as painting-by-numbers – and you can sure that your private details are completely safe.

You can also be absolutely certain that I’ll never pass your details on to any other organisation. You’re my treasured customer, and I want to keep it that way!

Good luck, and best wishes,

Paul Simpson.

PS. There’s nothing complicated about Robert Allen’s success system. It took him years to work this all out, but it’s quite simple to follow – once you know what to do!

PPS. If you’re really serious about achieving financial security for yourself and your family, this may be the best chance you’ll ever get.

Order Now!


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