The essential Copywriting Brief

"Here’s a check-list for your copywriter"
(with a worked example)

Link to an example.

Link to a template (MS Word).

You should record things like:-

  • What you want to promote and how.
  • Precisely who it’s aimed at.
  • The reason behind it.
  • The news angle.
  • Main benefits to the readers/ purchasers.
  • Important features.
  • How and where it is to be distributed/published.
  • When copy is wanted.

If sending the list to an independent copywriter it’s useful to include:

  • Company name and preferred abbreviation.
  • Address & website.
  • Contact name/s with e-mail address/es & telephone.
  • Useful background info.

I’ve set out appropriate headings as a blank form in this new window, which you can save directly as an MS Word file and use as a template. You may find it helpful. Close the window to return here.

If you would like to see an example of a completed brief (with answers as if for a brochure), please look at this window. Close it to return here.

Please take it seriously. I see plenty of creative briefings only partly filled in, or with one-word answers. The less detail you supply, the longer your copywriter has to spend ferreting out the information, and the more expensive it becomes. Enough said?

John Clutterbuck, DipCW

Copyright 2004 © John Clutterbuck