Cover Letter example

Dear Customer,

Can you keep a secret?

As a special thank-you for purchasing some of our jewellery in the past, we’d like to make you an exclusive new offer. But it’s limited to our more discerning patrons, and - if you don’t mind - we’d prefer that you keep it to yourself.

We at Surat Diamond take a pride in the value for money of even our most luxurious pieces. We don’t often make a special offer, but when we do, you know it will be a good one.

As you already appreciate, our fine diamond-studded gold jewellery is designed for maximum visual impact, setting off a shapely figure to perfection.

But you may not have experienced just how well the sophistication and purity of lustrous white pearls enhances the whole effect, making them the ideal accessory.

That’s why we have decided to offer you, our highly-valued customer, something very special. When you order one of three superb individually-designed diamond-and-gold jewellery pieces, we would like you to accept, with our compliments, a matching necklace or choker in fabulous freshwater pearls.

We select only the best natural freshwater pearls - flawless, lustrous white, and perfectly matched in size and shape. The effect that a string of these pearls imparts is truly stunning, and speaks volumes for the style and discrimination of the wearer.

Please take the time to examine the enclosed leaflet, which explains this extra-special offer in more detail.

Thank you again for your custom. We are always mindful of our commitment to giving you complete satisfaction, backed by our 100% guarantee.

Yours truly,


PS. To take advantage of these superb offers, please act quickly. They will only be available while stocks last.

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John Clutterbuck, DipCW