Diploma in Copywriting

John Clutterbuck, DipCW (with merit)

The course I completed with the Institute of Copywriting (inst.org/copy) was a comprehensive grounding in the subject by acknowledged experts. It included practical assignments, marked by an experienced professional copywriter.

Here are some comments from my course tutor, Mick Sands
(www.micksands.com) :

Newsletter for supermarket chain:
"This is a very good newsletter. The title works well. The main article was well-written and covered all the important points. And you kept a nice balance between being informative and light. Well done."

Boys’ shoes brand name assignment:
"You had several names that any boy would be proud to wear. You did well (and) I’ve given you another ‘A’. I look forward to your next one."

Press release – insurance:

" ...you’ve done another good job with this assignment. I’ve given you another ‘A’...
Well done. You are storming through the course."

Direct Mailing – pets rescue centre:

"This was a good assignment that had me reaching for my cheque book. I particularly liked the dog in the ditch with two broken legs. What an inspiring case history."

Press advert – a new bread:

" I ... liked your execution for Gaia. I thought this had real potential for a campaign. A strong message and a strong visual delivered with wit. Perfect."

Brochure for door manufacturer:

"I thought this was another sterling effort. It was very well thought out, and included plenty of nice touches. Well done."

30-second radio commercial:

"I thought this was a good effort. You laid it out like a pro. Well done."

Critique of good & bad press ads:

"I think you have a good grasp of what these two ads are all about, and what the likely brief was for each. Well done.

Congratulations on completing the course, which you’ve done in record time. It was a pleasure to mark your work, and I wish you all the best for the future."

John Clutterbuck, DipCW

Copyright 2004 © John Clutterbuck