Check Your Copy

Would you like a free appraisal
of your promotional copy?

Have your recent promotions been disappointing?

  • Press releases ignored by editors?
  • Can’t give away your brochure?
  • Direct mailing response pathetic?
  • Website a waste of money?
  • Newsletter being binned?
  • Adverts having no effect on sales?

Why not have a sample of your copy checked over by a professional - free of charge?

All you need to do is send me the item (or part of it) as an email attachment, with a short explanation in the email body.

Plain text only, please - no html, images, or powerpoint files. And unexplained or very large attachments won’t get opened.

Of course I’ll also expect you to fill out the Copywriting Brief, and send it as a second attachment.

No obligation on either side of course. You don’t have to take any notice of my diagnosis, and I’ll have to turn you down if you send too much or it’s too complicated.

First send me a brief email message via my 'Contact Me' page. I'll get back to you, and we can proceed from there.

Please note: I reserve the right to publish selected items and rewrites on this website, as copywriting examples. This will normally include your company name and/or website address - a form of free advertising for you. But if you would prefer your publicity to remain unpublicised, please make that clear in your email.

John Clutterbuck, DipCW

Copyright 2004 © John Clutterbuck