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Oldingham Cats & Dogs Home

"Your local refuge for lost and abandoned pets"

Dear supporter,

If your pet ever gets lost, here's where to look for it.

Have you ever had that feeling of panic when your favourite cat disappears? Or when your dog runs off and just doesn’t come back when you call?

Thank goodness, it’s usually a false alarm. The cat re-appears looking a bit bedraggled the next day; the dog returns at long last from goodness knows where.

But plenty of pets do just disappear, and their owners never know what’s happened to them. Maybe they’ve been caught in a trap, or run down by a car, and died alone – often a lingering, painful death.

We like to think that the pets in this district – including yours - are safer than most, because of our efforts here at Oldingham. We take in about 800 injured pets a year, nurse them back to health, and find them new homes if necessary.

Pets like Tracy (shown here), the two-year old Jack Russell who came to us last year, brought in by a local Samaritan. He found her, whimpering and starved, in a ditch beside the main road. She’d been run over, and had crawled away with two broken legs to die.

There was no name tag, so we called her after the daughter of one of the veterinary nurses who helped bring her ‘back to life’. Now she’s a picture of health and vigour (as the second picture shows) and we’ve found her a loving new home.

"Oldingham did such a good job on Tracy that she takes us for walks, not the other way round! They work miracles in there."
Tracy’s new owner, Jane Fields.

"What’s Tracy got to do with me?" you may be thinking.

The answer is – everything. Without you we can’t go on. It’s as simple as that. On average, each pet we treat costs £187.50. Let me do the sums for you: 800 times £187.50 equals £150,000: that’s our annual outlay.

We depend entirely on donations to survive. And so do the sick animals we take in. Where does the money come from? It comes from you – and people like you. We get no grants, hand-outs or subsidies. There is no other source.

Would you like to help us in this task, and reduce the risk for your own pets, if they should ever get lost themselves?

Tracy was never taught how to sit up and beg, and luckily she doesn’t have to. We know from past experience that people in this area are incredibly generous when it comes to supporting a local cause that’s truly worthwhile.

If you too would like to give something to help pets who are less fortunate than your own, and save many of them from a painful lingering death, please fill out the form and send it back in the enclosed reply-paid envelope. Rest assured we will never pass on your details to a third party.

Yours truly,


Mike Blatch, Managing Director.

PS… Tracy and her friends can’t thank you, but we can. If you’d like us to send you a supporter’s sticker for your car, just tick the box below, and fill in your address. We’ll be pleased to ‘recognise’ you – and so will passers-by….

PPS… Maybe you pay pet insurance to cover those unexpected vet bills. So you could look on this as a sort of extra insurance. Just in case one day it’s your beloved pet that someone finds injured and helpless in a ditch.


Yes please, I’d like to help Oldingham ‘carry on the good work’ of caring for lost and abandoned pets in our area. I understand that the whole of my donation will go directly towards the upkeep and running costs of the hospital. I also know that you won’t give my details to anyone else.

On that basis, here’s my gift of: £10 £20 £50 £ (please tick)

My credit card details are: ……………………………………

I’d also like a supporter’s sticker for my car, please. (tick)

My address is:


When you’ve filled in your details please detach the form and send it back in the envelope provided. No stamp is needed, but providing one will help us save more money


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John Clutterbuck, DipCW

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