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Services Success Stories: The White Horse Bus Co

White Horse Bus Chooses NCR to plan new IT network.

When WHB drew up plans for a major expansion of its public transport business in mainland China, they entrusted NCR with the crucial task of setting up the new IT infrastructure.

Our Customer

The Hong Kong-owned White Horse Bus Company is already a major player in the Guangdong province of mainland China. If you climb aboard a bus in Guangzhou city, it’s probably operated by WHB.

Building on this success, WHB is planning an ambitious expansion of its public transportation business, through acquisitions and joint ventures, into at least ten other Chinese cities, starting with Nanning (Guangxi), Heifei (Anhui) and Chengdu (Sichuan), where contracts have already been signed.

WHB is a subsidiary of the White Horse Communication Group, which is based at ----, in the heart of Hong Kong’s CBD. The Group has been a leading light in the communications industry in China for more than fifteen years, and with its expanding internet and IT divisions is at the forefront of the new economy.

But despite the emphasis on new technology, the White Horse Group still prides itself on its integrity and friendliness, having worked successfully with literally hundreds of multinational and Chinese companies over the years. "Above all else, we know China and we know how to communicate with the Chinese consumer" says Mr ---- , the Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

"White Horse is friendly, open and honest. Above all else, we value our integrity. We treasure this as our greatest asset." Mr ----, CEO, White Horse Group .

The Challenge

With such a high-tech parent, White Horse Bus knew from the start that the key to successful expansion lay in efficient internal communication. They needed to put in place a high-speed, secure communication system between headquarters in Gunagzhou and the new branch offices, starting with the one already set up in Nanning.

This implied a major investment in cutting-edge IT infrastructure, and the challenge facing WHB was to source the most effective high-speed system with complete integrity and security of data, while keeping costs as low as possible.

They turned for help to NCR, the company with "the best-of-breed services, outstanding implementation team, and over 40 service points in China which will cope with the expansion plan" in the words of Mr REN Lei, IT Manager, WHB.

Our Solution

NCR, together with Cisco and Dell, became White Horse Bus Company’s IT outsourcing partner in the Autumn of 2002, and immediately appointed a project manager and implementation team to ensure targets were met. NCR will co-ordinate the whole system, with the emphasis on network planning and design, procurement and integration, followed by a three-year on-site maintenance period.

In November 2002, work began on the US$70K scheme to design and put in place a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using broadband technology, between the Guangzhou HQ and Nanning branch office. A Local Area Network (LAN) guarantees complete security of data, while out-of-office staff can maintain contact via the Virtual Private Dialup Network (VPDN) on the company’s intranet system.

The project is on-going, and the VPN system will be extended to the other new branch offices as they become active.

The Result

The chosen system significantly lowers leased line costs, and will save over 50% on telecom fees. It will be more convenient and give better communication between offices and staff colleagues. It is expandable to link with more offices as the company’s business grows. And crucially, it allows WHB to concentrate on what it does best – planning the company’s future developments – safe in the knowledge that all its IT needs are covered.

"NCR’s services will change the way we work. It will save costs, be more convenient, and give us better communication between colleagues – and it will forge closer relationships between colleagues." REN Lei, IT Manager, White Horse Bus Company

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John Clutterbuck, DipCW