About The Writer

John Clutterbuck,DipCW*

*Diploma in Copywriting
(with merit)
from the Institute of Copywriting (inst.org).
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" John Clutterbuck has learned the art of copywriting both from serious study and practical experience, drawing on a rich work experience that enables him to understand your requirements very quickly, and strike the right note with copy to suit your organisation. I'm happy to recommend you work with him."
Tom Yardley, Management Consultant, Melbourne, Australia.
"Helping Organisations Design a Better Future"

Unusually for a copywriter, I have the advantage of a background in an industry other than writing. There is no ‘usual way to do it’ in my book, and I don’t work to a formula without good reason.

You will find me sympathetic to your business image, and receptive to your promotional style. You’ll also benefit from my practical experience of running - and publicising – a small business.

Meeting with different cultures and attitudes around the world has made me adaptable and innovative; traits which I hope will serve your organisation well.

Work Examples

To see some samples of my writing, please click on the appropriate link:

press releases cover letter charity mailing
small brochure brochure item technical newsletter item
corporate image leaflet brand names ad concepts
direct sales webpage direct mailing radio ad
website copy staff newsletter (concept)

Hourly fees

My current fees for copywriting are based on a rate of £27.50 (about US$50) per hour.

For rewriting, I charge a lower rate of £20 (about $36) per hour.

Payment may be made by Paypal.

Other fee arrangements

For straightforward document correction/editing, my charge is £1 (about $1.80) per 100 words.

There's no such thing as a standard copywriting project. But if it's appropriate and you can supply all the details needed, I'll be happy to quote a flat rate fee for a specific project.

I'm also ready to explore commission or bartering arrangements in some cases.


My work is fully guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with it in any way, and I am unable to improve it to your satisfaction, I HEREBY GUARANTEE to refund your payment in full.

Personal details

My route to copywriting was unconventional. I have a masters degree in exploration geology. After working in a number of countries I eventually started my own small mineral and site investigation firm, working mainly in the UK. Many technical reports later, I decided to retire from geology and express my creative side as a writer.

I became a senior editor for an internet-based company servicing Asian business writing - Mind Your Language (www.myl.com.hk). My urge to start freelance copywriting began with successes in the occasional jobs from them which needed this service.

I completed a copywriting course from the Institute of Copywriting (inst.org) to perfect my skills. Here are some quotes on the quality of my coursework from the tutor, Mick Sands.

My specialities include: the natural environment; technical and business matters; and network marketing (MLM).

Client List

Here is a list of current and past clients I have copywritten for.

Contact me:

By email: (click on 'Contact Me' link)

By phone or fax: (+44) 1566 782326.

By post: Higher Larrick, Trebullett, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 9QH, UK.

John Clutterbuck, DipCW

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