Copywriting works:

the benefits are persuasive . . .

John Clutterbuck, MSc, FGS, Dip CW.

"I can help boost your business by converting jargon
into benefits - to attract your ideal customers."

"A strong message and a strong visual delivered with wit. Perfect."

Mick Sands, copywriter and course tutor.(

"Your input is invaluable, John. You have such wonderful tastes and talent. "

Evelyn Miley, Virtual Assistant. (

"An excellent piece of writing, thank you."

Gerry Ball, CEO, Mind Your Language (

Looking for a copywriter with technical know-how?

Before becoming a full-time writer I was a professional geologist, and ran a small consulting firm. Now I’d like to combine my copywriting skills, business acumen and scientific background to invigorate your publicity.

Why not take advantage of my flair for translating technical concepts into simple benefits that hit your customers’ ‘hot buttons’?

An Introductory Offer

It’s hard to know what any copywriting service is like until you’ve tried it. Some writers produce copy that clicks with you and your business – some don’t. Some clients are easy to work with, and some are not.

That’s why I believe in suggesting a concept for your copy before even talking terms. Let’s make sure that we agree on the best angle - before either side makes any commitment.

Just go to my 'Contact Me' page and send me a blank email. It’ll only take a few seconds, and there’s absolutely no obligation. Then I'll email back to find out what you need.

Workload permitting, I’ll be able to send you my copywriting concept/s within 48 hours of getting the details. If you like the result, we’ll have a solid basis for discussing our future relationship.

So, if you have:

  • publicity that’s crying out for a new angle;
  • brochure or website copy that urgently needs updating;
  • a newsletter that’s way behind schedule;
  • no-one to write up your news releases properly;
  • a draft that needs editing to publication standard;

Or if you simply need a more technically-minded copywriter -

Why not take advantage of my introductory offer?.

PS. Not sure if you really need a copywriter at all?

Take a look at my ‘Make It Work’ page, with some tips on how to get the most out of professional copywriting.

John Clutterbuck, DipCW

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